EPFA includes companies that share an interest in the use of phenolic foam products within the insulation industry. The members are either producers of phenolic foam insulation resin suppliers or are companies closely linked with the industry through the provision of raw materials.

EPFA was established in 1990 to supersede the UK-oriented Phenolic Foam Manufacturers Association (PFMA). The purpose of the extension to the activities was to reflect the increasing interest and usage of phenolic foams for insulation purposes throughout Europe. The European-wide membership also assisted with easier access for the industry to the relevant EC bodies on key issues.

The Association continues to promote the benefits of phenolic foam and particularly its performance in terms of fire and smoke emission. These properties coupled with the foam’s low toxicity and excellent thermal conductivity make it the ideal material for many applications. Phenolic foams have traditionally been used in specialist thermal insulation in the heating and ventilating and refrigeration industries and now more increasingly within building applications.

EPFA is working within CEN Technical Committees, Fire Regulators Groups and other European groups to develop harmonised standards for materials


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