Phenolic foam is a very versatile material suitable for a large range of applications where thermal performance, moisture resistance, fire performance and in certain cases structural strength are key performance criteria. Phenolic foam is the only material that can provide this unique range of benefits and is used in a variety of applications:

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
The foam is cut to accurate tolerances on computer controlled cutting equipment. Parts available include traditional half sections, slotted slab, foil faced phenolic foam laminate ductboard, radius and bevelled lags, bends, flange box covers, valve box covers, etc. Materials are generally supplied with a vapour barrier facing. High density foam is also available for structural applications such as pipe and duct supports.

Building and Construction
Phenolic foam is used in many building applications, typically continuously laminated phenolic board is used in roofing, cavity board, external wall board, plasterboard dry lining systems, wall insulation, floor insulation and as a sarking board. The superior fire performance of phenolic foam is being recognised and this is leading to increased market share in these areas.

Factory Engineered Composite Panels
Composite panels comprise of a high density structural phenolic foam core with steel facings both sides and an appropriate jointing system. These panels are used in a range of applications including food processing factories, cold stores, semi conductor clean rooms and hospitals. These panels are structurally sound and fit for purpose for use in walk-on ceilings. The excellent fire performance provided by the phenolic foam core gives both good insulation and integrity performance in the 3m furnace fire resistance test.

Process / Petrochemical
Phenolic foam is used in process/petrochemical applications for the insulation of pipework, tanks, vessels etc.

Specialist Applications
Phenolic foam is also used in a number of highly specialised applications including fire doors, highly fire resistant panels and for insulation in surface ships, off-shore installations and submarines.

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